Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Joe Mulvihill and I am a runner working within the AD department on commercials with aspirations to become a 1st AD.


I started running in January 2016 and have since developed into a key part of any shoot day. I am friendly, hard working and confident with a great attitude. I am there to assist with whatever needs doing but also to provide a positive atmosphere on set. I completely understand the process of short form productions and the responsibilities within the AD department. I have gained the ability to properly coordinate the movement of talent and supporting artists on set thanks to experience working as a 2nd and 3rd AD. I have professional experience working in the roles however I also have unofficial experience where the production on certain jobs with tighter budgets cannot justify hiring a 2nd or 3rd. In those situations I, as a runner, am often tasked by the 1st AD to fill in the role.


My primary goal is to become a 1st AD on short form productions. I have worked as a 1st AD on several music videos and believe it is a role that suits my personality, work ethic and leadership skills. I enjoy working under pressure and being in control but also operating logistically, working through timings and scheduling how things should be done. As a runner I am learning from some of the best 1st ADs and can confidently handle a shoot however for me to be a great 1st I aim to continue growing within the AD department and gain as much knowledge as possible. Being a runner you are in a great position to learn and I am absorbing information on how the 1st AD handles different scenarios and problems so if I come across them I have the knowledge to deal with them. I am also learning about scheduling, department control, talent management and liaising with production.


I have always wanted to work in this industry and have studied film production since I was 16. I achieved first class honours at the University of Portsmouth focusing on directing. Through university I directed several productions including my final year projects of a short film on an old man regaining youth through his bond with his grandson and a documentary for the council on forced marriages within the Muslim communities of Portsmouth. Each project presented their own challenges however with hard work, determination and a commitment to the production our team got through it and presented what we wanted to say. I learnt so much at university and consider it a very valuable experience as it helped mould me into the person I am today.


Outside of the industry I enjoy American football, having played for Great Britain and committing to 10 seasons before deciding, as a freelancer, I cannot risk a serious injury. I also coached the University of Portsmouth’s female team and consider my commitment to the sport a testament to my focus, drive and my desire to succeed. It also helped shape my leadership skills and my ability to work well within a group. Additionally I enjoy socialising, watching films and gaming.


If you are interested about hiring me as an AD or runner please contact me at the address below.


Thank you and all the best


Joe Mulvihill

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