Weekly Update 8/2/16: MJZ

Hi, here is my weekly update for the week following the 8th of February 2016. I intend to write these when I can however sometimes life gets in the way.

This week was a busy one with the highlight working for the production company, MJZ. The early week consisted of applying for jobs and storyboarding a project I'm currently working toward. On Wednesday evening I got into contact with a production assistant at MJZ, Yann Gorriz. He wanted me to film a casting session with a 5D and compress and upload the footage immediately, something I have experience with thanks to studying film at University.

On the Thursday I got to MJZ's studios a half hour early and met the fantastic production manager, Marian Mikhail. I waited for a bit then started filming several actors read a scene under the direction of Benito Montorio. I used a 5D and although it was simple stuff I worked to get the best shot every time with the focus on the actor the producers are reading. After several hours of this it was time for Benito and the producers to review the footage. I compressed the needed footage using Hand Brake and put them on my drop box and their hard drive for immediate viewing. We worked tirelessly until 10 o'clock when they had finally decided on their lead actor. They then invited me to run for the commercial with them the following morning.

The commercial was a 6:45 start so I was to be up at 4, something I am more than fine with doing. Getting there 15 minutes early I quickly made it my mission to be a great helping hand. I started by helping unloading the equipment until the 1st AD arrived where I quickly introduced myself to him. John-Joe O'Driscoll seemed very good at his job and I looked forward to working under him. The shoot was a pretty standard day running, working with a really great crew. My highlight would be getting 36 free cups from costa towards the end of the day when we were out of teacups. They were more than generous with it being a charity advert and it really helped boost morale. We finished at 10:30 and I felt satisfied with my performance throughout the shoot. I look forward to hopefully working on more shoots with the company, as they contain a really fantastic group of people.

Following the long week I enjoyed a nice valentines weekend with the missus. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I very much appreciate it. See you next time.

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