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Stepping Up

In September 2016, I successfully joined Callbox Diary Service and ran on my first ever APA commercial. I've been working as a runner in short form since then and I've loved (almost) every minute of it. It's an unbelievably social job where you can meet so many interesting, talented people. It's taken me all around London, Great Britain and multiple parts of Spain. It's incredibly dynamic and you're often experiencing exciting new situations. I've smashed a car, spoke to a secret service agent, stopped a child in a dinosaur costume from falling off a platform and hung out with so many dogs. You have the ability to earn respect if you perform well and is a fantastic path to becoming an AD.

In July 2021, nearly 5 years later, I decided to stop running. This decision was caused by my ability far surpassing what people expect from a runner and that I would be much more useful with further responsibility. My development has now reached a point where I am comfortable leading a project and am able to communicate well with the talent, HODs and the client. I will remember the name of everyone I meet on set and make them feel welcome around me. I recognise the filmmaking process and am ready to influence the success of the project. I am regularly hired as an AD and it's time to make it full time.

My goal is to work as a 1st AD in commercials and I'll achieve that by taking risks. I am ready and willing to present myself fully as an AD and am excited for this next step of my career. Now the real grind begins.

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