• Joe Mulvihill

My first TVC as a 1st AD

Updated: Jan 17

On Wednesday 8th September 2021 I had the opportunity to be the 1st AD on my first commercial.

Despite having a fractured ankle, Unit9 and I helped the agency secure 22 promos in not quite a 14 hour day (we finished early!). We worked like a well oil machine and delivered engaging content for a large food delivery company.

The day before, I shot our third Samm Henshaw music video for Jim Pilling at Vidset. With Rik Burnell’s eye we captured a funky narrative that plays homage to Good Burger and other American diner cliches.

I had 2 full prep days (for once) the week prior which led to me understanding every element of each job.

The previous Wednesday I shot a shoestring budget favour for the talented young director Callum Lloyd James for the Wombats. We had Brendan Harvey racing around the explosive indie rock band in black and white with cool strobing effects.

The day before that I was shooting a one take masterpiece for Tiña with Maxim Kelly at Caviar. Benjamin Wearing used Steadicam Operator Justin Theodore and I to glide through Maxim’s hedonistic vision of a grotty night at the pub. It was a tough job and we worked hard to get it right but what we shot was so worth it.

The day before that I found myself prepping both these jobs at the A&E. They later gave me a boot to keep my foot stable.

On the bank holiday weekend, at the very end of Sunday night, I found myself wrestling three close friends WWE style for “bants”. I rolled over funny and fractured my ankle leading to the hardest working fortnight I’ve had. I’m 1sting for Pulse Films this Saturday as well and despite my injury I’m running the floor astoundingly well.

Accidents happen but a fractured ankle isn’t going to hold me back. Nothing will.

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